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Houston Accident and Family Lawyer

In trying and stressful times, when important and crucial legal decisions regarding accidents and family law matters need to be made, call or contact Thornton Esquire Law Group, PLLC. Managing Attorney, Rahlita D. Thornton is a Houston Accident Attorney who has the expertise and experience to assist in a meaningful and effective manner as your personal injury and Family Lawyer. Combined experience, a level of quality, and expert understanding, are the traits that are imperative to handling all areas of serious personal injury accidents and crucial family disputes.

Thornton Esquire Law Group, PLLC is ready to fight to achieve justice for its valued clients. Even though this accident lawyer has primarily served the Houston area, she has negotiated and handled accidents and personal injury matters Nationwide. The firm has negotiated settlement claims in Texas and All States Nationwide in the United States including Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Indiana. Those same highly effective negotiation skills are used to bring important family law matters to conclusion. Our team can start working on your cases and you do not have to leave your home. Clients can secure our representation over the phone and via the computer electronically.

Serious & Catastrophic Accidents and Injuries

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, “One person is injured in a car crash in Texas every 2 minutes and 17 seconds.” Any serious injury cases like car accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, 18-wheeler truck and trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, resulting in serious and catastrophic injuries, will require expensive medical care and treatment. These types of accidents could sadly lead to wrongful deaths occurring. Thornton Esquire Law Group, PLLC, has helped several victims recover funds and settlements, on accidents for deserving clients from major companies and insurance companies. A lot of times you are too hurt to leave your home. Our Houston accident lawyer makes every effort to accommodate our clients’ lack of mobility. Call or contact the office for a FREE ACCIDENT CONSULTATION, to understand your rights and get the answers to any questions you may have. We want to hear from you. DO NOT SPEAK TO INSURANCE COMPANIES WITHOUT CONSULTING US FIRST. Our dedicated team will work hard to understand the cause of the accident, and will work tirelessly to recover favorable results for you.

Car Accidents

After finding out who is responsible and the determining the cause, our team will get you the settlement and verdict that you deserve! Whether it involves the following types: fatal car accidents, rear-end collisions, hit and runs, distracted driving, drunk driving or freeway accidents; you deserve compensation for various items such as medical bills, months and possibly years of pain and suffering, loss of income during recovery, lifetime pain and suffering, and repairing or replacing your vehicle. Our team understands that these damages can be critical to impacting your daily life - having to repair your vehicle leads to the loss of the ability to use your vehicle, which can create a domino effect of losing work time and income.

18-Wheeler Truck Accidents and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

If you or a loved one are involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler, the skilled legal team at Thornton Esquire Law Group, PLLC understands that these accidents can cause serious harm, a range of injuries, and possibly wrongful death. Fatal truck accidents and serious injury accidents are commonly caused by truck driver fatigue, drivers making wide turns, falling debris, improper maintenance of trucks, and truckers not keeping a safe stopping distance from the vehicles in front of them. It’s no time to play around when these accidents have to be investigated. Get on it right away. Even if you are not in Houston we can handle your serious accident and personal injury matters. Feel free to call us so that we can begin work as soon as possible.

Motorcycle Accidents

Because of the rate that Texas is growing, for the past few years motorcycle accidents numbers have increased. The vast difference in size of a car weighing 4000 pounds, SUV weighing 8000 pounds and an 18-wheeler weighing 85,000 pounds, vs a motorcycle weighing in at 700 pounds, can lead to serious injuries for cyclists. Road rash, broken bones, limbs lost, or any other injuries you or your loved one may be encountering, will require expensive medical care and treatment, medical costs, loss of income during recovery, lifetime pain and suffering, and repairing or replacing your motorcycle.

Pedestrian Accidents

Although walking is great for the environment, beneficial to your health and cost-effective, it can be dangerous. Pedestrians are vulnerable; therefore, accidents can lead to serious or fatal injuries. But, a lot of pedestrians do not know the laws applicable to them. You can be held responsible for not knowing and crossing intersections improperly. Therefore, do not assume that just because you got hit as a pedestrian, that you are entitled to recover. It is important for your Houston accident lawyer to investigate early on, by obtaining police reports, witness statements, and even possibly recordings that were made by the city or metro area in which the accident occurred.

Family Law Matters and Disputes

Our team has almost 30 years of establishing close personal relationships with our clients going through divorces, contested or uncontested, custody disputes, child support, visitation issues, enforcement and contempt issues, and adoption. Strong representation by this Houston family lawyer and firm is provided to both husbands or wives, or mothers or fathers. As parents ourselves, we are sensitive to the emotional challenge this can be for the children. The bottom line is that we will have the best interest of your children in mind. This requires a compassionate detailed resolution for families. We are ready to fight as your family lawyer when you are.


Our Houston family lawyer team understands the time and income invested into a partnership. We believe in an amicable and fair resolution, and getting you through a divorce as smoothly and as efficient as possible. Our highly skilled family law team can get you through contested and uncontested divorces, spousal support issues, domestic violence, visitation, and complicated matrimonial issues. Complicated matters involving retirement and division of real estate are effectively handled as well. Our team will advocate for you, whether you are a man or woman. However, we know that every divorce is unique, therefore, your needs will be tailored with a customized strategy according to you and your family.


In a custody dispute, decisions are made according to the “child’s best interest standard”, meaning, the needs of the child are given priority over the parties involved. Judges decide whether sole custody, joint custody, or shared custody, is in the best interest of your child or children. They will look at various factors and consider the totality of circumstances. Our team has worked on cases involving parental alienation, relocations, and interstate custody battles. The firm’s focus is on what is best for your child, and we make that clear from the moment you begin to consider a custody battle.


Visitation can be the standard possession order (SPO) or an expanded SPO. Many times, communication is altered by the state of the relationship, as at times the relationship might have deteriorated. This can make setting visitation scheduling difficult. Sometimes, parents intentionally keep the child from the other parent out of spite and anger. They use the child to get back at the other parent. A lot of times it may not be intentional, and some may not even think about the consequences of not allowing the other parent his or her time with their child.

Child Support

Texas has some tough child support laws. If you are on the receiving end, then such can benefit you. However, if you are on the paying end it could be quite the opposite. Some of the laws can falsely accuse you of child support neglect. The custodial parent often times is able to obtain assistance from the state, to pursue child support collection from the noncustodial parent. They do not have to pay for those services, whereas the party on the other side does. In order to minimize the amount of attorney fees that you have to pay, we try to use a cut-to-the-chase approach to the matter, so that parties do not end up in jail where no funds can be earned to repay any outstanding child support. Let’s face it, life happens and sometimes paying child support can be hard. We will help you get it back together so that you can live without worrying about being incarcerated.

Enforcement & Contempt

Sometimes, the other parent just doesn’t act right. In cases where they do not want to follow the orders set in place, the judges can hold them in contempt and enforce the details of the orders that have been made previously. It is sad if you must resort to the legal system just to get your child support paid, or get your visitation periods of possession complied with. Thornton Esquire Law Group, PLLC can help you if you are on either side, with either the initial filings or defending frivolous filings.


Paternity involves making sure that an unmarried father asserts his parental rights to his child. Both parents have equal rights to assert over their child, regardless if they are married or not. A mother’s rights are automatically given at birth. But, when a child is born to unmarried parents, the father has to take steps to make sure his rights are not stepped on. Fathers have rights too! Fathers can file an acknowledgement of paternity (AOP), establishing a legal relationship between child and father. You can get visitation rights and even fight for custody, as your rights are just as important as the mother’s. You have got to do it when the time is right. You can pursue these cases yourself as a father. As a mother, if the father does not want to take legal responsibility for his child, then you will force a DNA test and secure the child support that your child will need, and set out important guidelines for how the orders will be spelled out going forward.


Adoptions are one of the most rewarding parts of being a family law attorney. They can be a quite lengthy process, but certainly well worth it when the child is placed in a great home with great parents. There are a lot of steps and procedures to ensure that the child will be taken care of by the potential parents. Investigations have to be done and completed. The courts want to see your criminal background and home life. Our team can assist in guiding you through this emotional maze.

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Thornton Esquire Law Group, PLLC’s Managing Attorney, Rahlita D. Thornton, has for almost 30 years, negotiated settlement claims for accidents in Houston, and other parts of Texas, and Nationwide in the United States. Those same highly effective negotiation skills used as an accident attorney, are also used to bring important family law matters to a conclusion in Houston, Texas and surrounding counties and cities, such as Harris County, Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, Missouri City, Pearland, West University, Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugarland, Stafford, Katy, Cypress, Baytown, Pasadena and Angleton.

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Photo of Rahlita D. Thornton

Managing Member Attorney, Rahlita D. Thornton's reputation and her successes come from being established as an attorney in Houston Texas for almost 30 years, and growing up with a family of lawyers which include her sister and her father.

Attorney Thornton’s love for the ability to help people in intense situations, and make major life changes, is why her firm culture is one of hard work, attention to detail, and positive attitudes - despite the chaos that might be going on with cases. The firm’s strengths are being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for its clients, and puts the clients’ interests above its own. This is what we mean when we say, “Clients come first!”. We are on a mission to make all of our clients feel that they are a part of our Legal Family for life.

Client Reviews
Selecting an attorney can be one of the most difficult decisions a person has to make. In what seems like an overwhelming sea of attorneys who do you choose? Are they qualified, compassionate, and are they willing to fight for you without compromising their integrity? When faced with this decision in 2016 I received this and more when I retained Rahlita Thornton as my attorney. Since 2016 she has represented me on several court cases and I've never been disappointed. She is well versed and very knowledgeable on many aspects of the law. Attorney Thornton and her staff work diligently to ensure no stone is left unturned and justice is served. When I was crippled with fear, bullied, and felt like giving up she was my voice. She is highly recommend and I'm truly blessed to have her in my life. TTW
It was a divine power that drove me to call. There are ton of lawyers online but I knew this attorney was the one for me. C.B., Divorce Client
I have a friend in need of help. Her name is XXX and is really needing help with her case. I told her I highly recommend you (Attorney Rahlita Thornton) for all she needs and there is not any one I trust more. ‭‬ This is her contact number I also gave her your info. Have a great day and love y'all. B.M.
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