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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents- What Are the Reasons

Car accidents involving pedestrians can be one of the most traumatic types of injuries anyone could ever experience, particularly if the victim is not properly protected. Knowing why these accidents occur will help you to help others avoid them.

Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Distracted Driving. Driving distracted by using your phone is dangerous for you and others around you. You could get into an accident because you weren't paying attention to what was happening around you. Pedestrians should always pay attention when crossing roads. If you see someone walking across the street, slow down and watch out for them. Don't text or talk on your phone while driving!

Pedestrians have the right of way when they are in a crosswalk. When you are driving, you should always watch for them and slow down if necessary. You should also keep an eye out for children playing near the road. Pedestrians need to pay attention to cars because they might get hit by a car.

Drivers who do not pay attention to other vehicles or pedestrians, or who do not follow traffic laws, can be dangerous to themselves and others. Drivers should always look out for pedestrians when approaching intersections and crosswalks. If weather conditions are bad, drivers may need to slow down or even pull over to allow pedestrians to safely cross the street. When driving, drivers should also keep in mind that icy roads can be dangerous and that they should avoid sudden braking or acceleration.

Walking around at night is not recommended. When walking at night, always stay alert and watch out for cars. Wear bright clothes and carry a flashlight. Don’t walk near busy roads or highways because there will be lots of traffic and you might get hit by a car.

Road construction can cause problems for pedestrians. Drivers often fail to yield to pedestrians crossing the street when making a turn, especially if there are other vehicles waiting to turn right. Drivers also tend to speed through crosswalks, causing accidents.

Multi-lane roads are dangerous because drivers often change lanes without signaling or slowing down enough to let others pass. Pedestrians must watch for vehicles turning left or right across their path. Drivers may also speed through intersections or fail to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

The Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

According to CDC statistics, there were 1,835 deaths in 2016 due to pedestrian accidents. Of those, 787 were caused by motor vehicle collisions, while 848 were caused by falls. About 2,500 pedestrians were injured in 2016 due to motor vehicle collisions. Of those, 958 were caused by motor vehicles striking them, while 1,542 were caused by falls.

Failing to Yield Right of Way

“Rights of Way” refer to the legal rights of pedestrians and motorists to proceed with precedence in certain locations or situations. If a traffic light tells you to walk across the street, then a driver must wait until you cross the street before proceeding.

Failure to give way means you didn't let someone else go first. If you're driving, you must stop at an intersection before turning left or right. You also need to give pedestrians the right of way when crossing the street. Failure to yield right of way can lead to serious injury or death.

Crossing a Roadway or Intersection Improperly

Pedestrians often try to cross streets when there isn't enough room to safely walk through the crosswalks. Pedestrians may also choose to cross streets even if there is an adequate amount of space to safely walk through the designated crosswalks. Sometimes pedestrians will try to cross streets just before a light turns red or while cars are approaching.

Pedestrians should always cross at designated crosswalks. Drivers must yield to pedestrians when crossing the road and must stop if there is an object in the road ahead. Pedestrians have the right-of-way when crossing the street, and drivers cannot turn left until the last possible moment. When a pedestrian does not follow these rules, drivers may have little time to react and may cause serious injury or death.

Standing Lying Playing or Working in a Roadway

Pedestrians who linger on roadways pose a danger to drivers because they could be struck by vehicles. Drivers should always watch out for pedestrians when driving. If a driver sees someone who appears to be in distress, they should slow down and stop before hitting them. Pedestrians who are walking, running, or riding bicycles should stay away from roadways.

Roadside workers are often exposed to dangerous conditions while performing their jobs. For example, they may be working at night when visibility is poor. Drivers must also be aware of their surroundings. If a driver does not see a worker, he could hit them. Roadside workers are also vulnerable to accidents caused by distracted drivers. These dangers increase the risk of injury and death for roadside workers.

Having Poor Visibility

Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings when driving. There are many different reasons why accidents happen. Some of them include Poor weather conditions, objects or vehicles on the side, pedestrians wearing dark clothing at night, poor headlights on a vehicle, bright lights shining in a pedestrian’s eyes, etc.

Poor visibility is a major factor in many types of accidents. Poor visibility can occur when there is snow, ice, fog, rain, smoke, dust, ash, mist, falling debris, or darkness. When visibility is low, drivers must slow down and pay attention. If visibility is poor, then drivers need to be extra cautious. Drivers must watch out for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles. Pedestrians must watch out for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. All drivers and pedestrians must be aware of their surroundings.

Drugs Alcohol or Medication

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), DWI is responsible for thousands of deaths every year. About 17% of fatal pedestrian accidents in 2016 involved a driver who had BAC levels of 0.08% or higher. Alcohol and drug impairment can affect driving ability, increasing the risk of crashes. Pedestrians or drivers who have consumed enough alcohol or taken drugs may not be able to walk safely across the road or operate a vehicle properly. Either a pedestrian or motorist who has had enough to drink or has been taking drugs could cause an accident that results in death or serious injury.

Running or Darting into the Road

Pedestrians may dart into the street without looking at oncoming vehicles. Drivers may not see them until it is too late. If a pedestrian darts out into a road, drivers may have insufficient time to stop before hitting them. As a result, they may hit the pedestrians and cause major injuries.

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