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Texas Divorce: Temporary Orders in Houston

Divorce attorneys in Houston can help you respond quickly and correctly to requests for temporary orders. Your lawyer may be able to file your response before the judge makes any decisions about temporary orders. You should always try to get an agreement among both parties regarding child support or spousal maintenance, but if this isn't possible, the court will decide what amount of money each party must pay to the other during the pendency of the divorce proceedings. In some situations, the court may order one parent to pay child support to the other parent, even though the parents are still married. This is called a "custody award."

Temporary Orders establish each spouses' parental and financial rights and responsibilities during the period of the divorce. Call our law firm now to protect your family's interests. Contact us now for immediate help at Thornton Esquire Law Group.

In a contested Texas divorce pending, temporary orders may be needed to establish where children should live while the divorce is being decided; who should move out of the marital house; who should pay child support and child-support terms such as how much, when, and whether it should be paid; a visitation schedule for the spouse who pays child support; and whether a spouse needs to pay temporary spousal maintenance to the other spouse and how much and when.

The person who pays the temporary bill order is will the last one until who should finally be divorce responsible decree. This court means to judge that will the establish person temporary who injunctions owns that the will house set or parameters car for should the pay parties' the behavior mortgage, during health the insurance, divorce etc.and will stay in place until the final divorce decree enters.

Temporary Injunctions are used to control the behavior of the parties during a divorce. These orders usually require that the parties refrain from spending money or engaging in certain activities. Temporary restraining orders are issued by courts to protect parties involved in a case. These orders are usually issued for a short period of time. After 14 days, these orders expire and must be renewed.

A temporary restraining order can be used to stop one person from harming another. This type of order is often used to stop someone who might harm a child or someone else who is vulnerable. An order can also be used to stop someone from harassing or stalking someone. A temporary orders hearing is an opportunity for both parties to present their case in front of a judge. Both spouses are allowed to testify and present documents as evidence.

A temporary orders hearing is held in front of a judge who makes a decision about what kind of temporary orders should be put into place until the final divorce hearing. Temporary orders are used to resolve issues such as child custody or visitation schedules. In some Texas counties, the time limits for presenting evidence are very short. A skilled family law attorney in Harris County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Brazoria County, Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Texas at Thornton Esquire Law Group, PLLC, can help you gather the most relevant evidence quickly. You and your spouse can agree on what temporary orders should be before going to court.

Temporary orders hearings are held in Texas courts. A temporary orders hearing is a full evidentiary proceeding. The judge hears the supporting evidence presented by both parties. He decides what temporary orders should be made regarding the safety and well-being of the child. Temporary orders can be made quickly and easily. You can get them before a hearing if you want to make sure that you have everything ready. A lawyer who specializes in family law can help you understand the laws and procedures involved in making these kinds of decisions.

A temporary order hearing is scheduled very quickly after a divorce petition is filed. Since the issue of temporary child custody must be addressed first, it is likely held before the other issues are heard. Temporary orders hearings often take place very quickly and early in divorces. Many times, these hearings occur even before the non-filers deadlines to file answers have expired. In fact, some courts may set up a schedule that allows them to hold hearings as soon as possible. These hearings usually last only a few days or weeks, but sometimes they can last months.

If one party requests a temporary restraining order, then the temporary order hearing will happen within two weeks of the petition being filed. Temporary restraining orders expire automatically after 14 days. A judge may extend or modify an order if he finds there is cause to do so. An extension lasts as long as the original order did.

A spouse can ask the court to hear an emergency motion for spousal support if there is a danger of losing a job or health insurance due to a pending divorce. Spousal support can be ordered temporarily while the divorce is being finalized.

A party can ask the court to give them exclusive rights over certain types of property during the divorce process. These include vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles), firearms, jewelry, household items, etc. During this time, the other spouse is given access to the property, but they aren't allowed to remove anything without permission. At the end of the process, both parties receive an equal share of the property. Production of documents is an important part of divorce proceedings. In this case, the production of documents includes the production of financial records.

A person who thinks their spouse violated a temporary order should file a motion asking the judge to enforce the temporary order. If the judge finds the spouse in violation, he or she will likely order them to pay fines or serve some time in jail. The judge will also order the person to comply with the terms set forth by the original order. A family law attorney can help you get temporary orders in Texas. You may need to take legal action if your spouse violates the temporary orders. An attorney who helped you seek temporary orders can assist you with this process. Schedule your free consultation today! We're here to help you get through this tough time as painlessly as possible.

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