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Why Divorce Is So Common In Today's Society

We understand how difficult it is to go through a divorce process, and we know that there are many different reasons why someone might choose to file for divorce.

Unfortunately, divorce is a common element of our society today. People file their divorce papers daily at their local courthouses around the United States. This is because most states allow couples to file for divorce without having to show cause. However, what does this mean exactly? What causes lead up to filing for divorce?

Why Do People File For Divorce?

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about why people file for divorce. Some of the reasons include:

  • Separation
  • Financial issues
  • Child custody disputes
How Common Is Divorce?

The divorce rate in the United States is about 50%. However, it varies greatly based upon where you live. In some areas, like Alaska, the divorce rate is much lower than the national average. In fact, in Alaska, there are approximately five divorces for every 10,000 people. On the opposite end of the spectrum, New York City has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. There, there are roughly 20 divorces for every 10 thousand residents.

Arizona ranks third in the nation with a divorce rate of 4.4 per 1,000 population. This number is very close to the national average.

In terms of divorce statistics, we know that most of the time, women initiate the divorce process. However, men do file for divorce in the majority of cases. If both spouses want a divorce, they must go through legal proceedings.

If you are considering getting divorced, you should consult with a family law attorney. They can help you understand what you can expect during the process. They can also advise you on how to protect yourself financially and emotionally during this difficult time.

Why is Divorce So Common in Today's Society

Divorce is just another part of life. We are living in a society where we are constantly bombarded with images of successful couples having children together and being happy. But what happens when things don't work out? What happens when you find yourself unhappy in your marriage? How do you deal with it? These questions and many others are answered in this article.


Perhaps the most egregious reason people separate is one spouse is the target of abuse in one form or another. In 2017, there were 5.3 million divorces filed in the United States. Of those, about 3.6 million involved spouses being abused. Domestic violence includes acts like physical assault, sexual assault, emotional abuse, stalking, harassment, intimidation, economic abuse, and neglect. Some of these acts are considered crimes under state law. Others are not.

Domestic violence can take many forms. For example, one study found that women reported experiencing verbal abuse in 48% of cases, while men experienced physical abuse in 30% of cases. Women experienced psychological abuse in 14% of cases, while 9% of men reported experiencing psychological abuse. And women endured economic abuse in 37% of cases, while 8% of men faced economic abuse.

Many times, abusers use fear tactics to keep their partners in check. They threaten to hurt themselves or others and even make threats against children. This is called "intimate terrorism." Intimate terrorism is often used to scare a partner into compliance.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence estimates that 2 out of every 10 American women will suffer from intimate partner violence. One in four women who report being raped will become pregnant as a result. About half of all battered women will die as a result of their injuries.

Going With the Flow

Sometimes, people find themselves married simply because that is what they are "supposed "to do. They grow up, they find a significant other, they go to college, and they get married. Some people even think that this is how things work. In today's society, this is what most people are expected to do. This doesn't mean that everyone needs to marry someone they love; however, there are some very important aspects of marriage that many people don't realize.

Financial Insecurity

Money is one of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce in the United States. A study by the National Center for Health Statistics found that about half of divorces involve some sort of disagreement over finances.

According to statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 40% of American adults struggle financially. And it's getting worse. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of people living paycheck to paycheck grew by 3 million.

The study also showed that women make less money than men throughout their lifetimes. Women tend to work fewer hours per week than men and make less money overall. This gap widens even further during retirement.

In addition to money issues, researchers say that lack of household stability and resentment towards each other could lead to fights over money.

Impulsive Marriages

When people first start dating and fall in love, there is usually a state of euphoria where you feel like everything is perfect. You're just happy being around each other. But sometimes people get married in this stage of their relationship before they even know anything else about their partner. This is called impulsive marriage because it happens without much thought.

I see this often with younger couples because they think they'll always be young. They think, "Oh we'll never grow old together." But when they eventually realize that life gets hard, they've already been married for many years. And now they have children. So they have to figure out how to make it work.

But what happens if one party doesn't want to change? If they don't want to give up their hobbies or their friends or their interests? Or if they don't want to spend money on something different? What if they're both stubborn? How long can a marriage last if neither party wants to compromise?

Filing for Divorce

Divorce is never easy, especially if there are children involved. But there are ways to make things easier and less stressful. When filing for divorce, it is important that you understand what needs to happen during the legal proceedings. An attorney in Harris County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Brazoria County, Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Stafford, Texas at Thornton Esquire Law Group, PLLC, wants to ease those burdens by providing you with the information you need to make a smart decision. Contact us today at Thorntonesquirelawgroup for a free consultation.

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